• If you are experiencing…

    Feelings of stress, anger, sadness, worry, dread, loneliness, shame, tearfulness or emotional numbness
  • Or if you want to learn to…

    Quiet the inner critic that dampens the love you have for your whole self at any size
  • Where there is great hurt there is also an amazing capacity for healing.
  • In therapy we can begin to feel safe and cared for, as we feel invited to notice ourselves in new ways.
  • Gently changing the way you know yourself.
  • Intense times bring intense feelings. Support in navigating these transitions can be the critical difference in how you come through them.

Meira Shupack MSW LICSW CSTP

What if we could get unstuck, heal shame, and feel more vibrant, engaged and grounded in ourselves and our lives? What if we could sit with someone as we grow more secure and curious and have that bloom out into our lives making them more real and satisfying? People long to feel known in relationship; being humans we are built that way, we are also built to have normal fear and apprehension. These natural flexible processes can get stuck, or dulled when we are not seen or when we are hurt, resulting in anxiety or depression, and other difficulties. I believe in your resilience, your capacity to heal and uncover and build back curiosity, your vibrancy, and your capacity to create, or support your meaningful life path. I offer psychotherapy and counseling. I work with adults and teens.

4010  Stone Way N., Suite 300, Seattle, Washington 98103
*elevator and dedicated disabled parking space