If in immediate danger, call 911.

If you are in a crisis, call the 24-hour confidential Seattle Crisis Line:
206.461.3222 (Toll Free: 1.866.4CRISIS or 1.866.427.4747)

Suicide Prevention Hotine: 1.800.273.Talk(8255), 24 Hour and National or text ANSWER to 839863

Veterans Crisis Line: 1.800.273.Talk(8255); press 1 or text 838255 

If you have been sexually assaulted, call the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center: 1.888.998.6423

If abused by an intimate partner, call the Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.562.6025

Addiction and Recovery Guide:


Ways we are in the world ~ more resources: 

Alder Grove Healing Arts Center, holistic health for the whole person, family, and community.

Brene Brown, shame and vulnerability

FamilyWorks, a food bank and family center

Alliance of People with Disabilities
TTY: 206.632.3456 or Toll free: 1.866.545.7055

African American Family Center
Tel: 206.328.5741

Asian Counseling and Referral Service
Tel: 206.328.5741 Web:

Chinese Information and Service Center
Tel: 206.624.5633

Consejo Counseling and Referral Services
Tel: 206.461.4880 Web:

Cross Cultural Health Care Program
Tel: 206.860.0329 Web:

Jewish Family Services 
Tel: 206.461.3240 Web:

Refugee Federation Service Center
Tel: 206.725.9181 Web:

Seattle Indian Health Board
Tel: 206.324.9360 Web:

Seattle Counseling Services – Resource for LGBT Community
Tel: 206.323.1768 Web:

Gay/Lesbian Youth Information Line
Tel: 206.322.3953

Lesbian Resource Center
Tel: 206.322.3953 Web:

Ingersoll Gender Center
Tel: 206.849.7859 Web:
Ingersoll resources and medical providers:

Senior Information and Assistance
Tel: 206.448.3110 Web:

Senior Rights Assistance
Tel: 206.448.5720 Web:




Professional Links

Allan Shore PhD., Neurobiology and Personality

Sharon Stanley, PhD.

Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study

Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work

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